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The Group’s CSR governance 


BANK OF AFRICA can count on a number of specialised bodies to help steer its CSR policy. In 2019, the Bank bolstered CSR governance by establishing an Environmental, Social and Sustainability (ESS) Committee. 
The ESS committee, which is chaired by the Group Executive Managing Director, is responsible for monitoring and overseeing the implementation and updating of the Group’s environmental, social and sustainability goals. Its tasks and responsibilities consist of :

  1.  Ensuring that the Environmental, Social and Gender action plan is implemented across the Group
  2.  Ensuring that E&S risk management practices within the Group are effective
  3.  Developing and monitoring Sustainable and Inclusive Finance performance indicators
  4.  Supervising sustainable development and CSR global initiatives

Presenting the CSR Charter 

In 2018, BANK OF AFRICA formalised its ethical and environmental undertakings by drawing up a CSR Charter. This Charter guides the Group’s sustainable growth model and its practices. 
The Charter is underpinned by 6 key undertakings which are in turn sub-divided into 31 ethical, social and environmental commitments 



    Prioritising ESG action plans 

    BANK OF AFRICA aims to continuously improve its CSR policy. ESG action plans are therefore drawn up to prioritise achievable goals. 

    2019-2021 Action Plan

    • Environmental and Social Compliance 
    • Bolster E&S capacity 
    • Workforce and HR working conditions;
    • External communications system – E&S risks 
    • Incorporate information solutions and tools – E&S risks

    Strategic priorities of the ESG 2019-2020 action plan 

    • Sustainable Finance by setting ambitious goals for developing positive impact sustainable facilities 
    • Incorporate the concept of environmental and social risk within the Bank’s credit risk management process by ensuring that management is strongly committed to implementing the necessary measures (recruitment, formal procedures, training, analytical tools etc.). 
    • Ensure that gender guidelines are incorporated within Group HR policy as part of the "responsible employe" undertaking 
    • Bolster governance with the support of the Bank’s senior management by establishing an ESS Committee 

    A CSR Charter implementation plan has been adopted to help the Group develop its undertakings and mobilise employees.

    Three major pillars underpinning the CSR charter’s implementation plan 

    1. Annual self-appraisal process: A self-appraisal process is conducted by each subsidiary on a participatory basis based on the Sustainability & CSR reference framework. This process encompasses the Charter’s six undertakings and enables the Group to provide employees with detailed content of each of the Charter’s commitments. The selfappraisal process also allows for a more in-depth understanding of the key issues and encourages employees to achieve the goals related to each of the Charter’s goals. 
    2. Sustainability & CSR action plan reference framework: The reference framework is drawn up by each subsidiary based on the results of the selfappraisal, corporate strategy, the cornerstone projects in progress and best industry practice. 
    3. Sustainability & CSR reporting process comprises a series of key indicators for each CSR Charter commitment. This enables the Group to measure progress made and build on the results obtained and impacts generated. This reporting process is standardised at subsidiary level to ensure that results are consolidated and shared effectively. 

    The implementation process continued in 2019 as follows : 

    •  A seminar was organised for French- and Englishspeaking Sustainability & CSR coordinators
    •  Grassroots support was provided to 5 BOA subsidiaries
    •  A 2nd CSR self-appraisal was conducted


    En 2021, BANK OF AFRICA a déployé avec l’ensemble des entités une évaluation du niveau de maturité par objectif sur la base de la performance obtenue par ses pratiques responsables. Cette évaluation de maturité permet de confronter l’importance des objectifs et le niveau de performance constaté dans les pratiques.

    Matérialité des engagements

    Le résultat de l’évaluation, lors des workshops, de la matérialité des objectifs RSE pour BANK OF AFRICA est schématisée dans la matrice ci dessous. Le détail des objectifs par Engagement positionnés dans cette représentation globale est analysé dans les pages suivantes :


    Matérialité des ODD

    En 2021, BANK OF AFRICA a enrichi son exercice de matérialité par l’évaluation des Objectifs de Développement Durable sur lesquels se concentrent les initiatives de la banque :