BOA Foundation
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Through the work of its Foundations in those countries in sub-Saharan Africa in which it has operations, BANK OF AFRICA Group is committed to improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable communities and contributing to local development. The BOA Foundations’ initiatives are in education and health, and are primarily aimed at achieving the following goals :

  • Improving access to healthcare
  • Enabling communities to stay healthy
  • Encouraging disease prevention and health education
  • Assisting disadvantaged patients
  • Improving access to knowledge and training
  • Providing marginalised communities with high quality, modern education in decent conditions
  • Reducing inequality between men and women in terms of ability to access to access healthcare and education

2019 highlights

In 2019, just under EUR 2 million were allocated to fund projects in the 7 countries in which the BOA Foundation is operational.

  • A cancer screening campaign for women raised awareness with more than 6,000 women screened in 6 countries. In Senegal, 300 midwives were trained while 6 regional hospitals were equipped with screening kits.
  • In the north of Benin, efforts to improve access to education continued with three primary schools built, benefiting more than 1,200 children. The number of pupils enrolled for the 2019-2020 school year tripled, compared to previous years.
  • The BOA Foundation in Burkina Faso has built 5 health centres in rural areas, providing local communities with improved access to basic healthcare, enabling babies to be delivered in sanitised conditions and raising awareness about mother-child health issues.
  • In Senegal, the Foundation has supported the schooling of albino children since 2017 by providing scholarships. This year, 175 children, 70% of whom were girls, were able to continue their education in decent conditions.