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Strategic Development Plan 2019-2021, a new growth era

Inspired by its long-term vision, the Strategic Development Plan 2019-2021 underlines Bank of Africa commitment to ensuring that its development is underpinned by sustainable and long-term growth.

In Morocco, the retail banking and corporate banking businesses, particularly the SME segment, are expected to experience a new growth trajectory. The new plan also envisages the development of new niche businesses such as the ‘green’ business and participatory banking via BTI Bank. Both these businesses have strong growth potential.

A major priority for the Group is to accelerate the development of digital banking. The Group is resolutely committed to developing multichannel banking and aspires to become a market leader in this area in both Morocco and Africa.

After enhancing its image as a pan-African banking group of international stature, Bank of Africa is determined to breathe new life into its African business.


On the international front, the new Strategic Plan provides for the reconfiguration of the BMCE International Holding’s operations and those of BMCE Euroservices for Moroccans living abroad in addition to bolstering the Bank’s China business through its new branch in Shanghai.

Inspired by a determination to again deliver a rate of growth that the Bank previously enjoyed during the 2012-2015 period, the Plan’s main goal is to breathe fresh impetus into its various businesses while improving operational efficiency.

Firmly embedded in its corporate culture, sustainable development, both in its social and environmental aspects, is at the top of Bank of Africa list of priorities. This three-year plan will enable the Group to enhance its reputation as a major player in Positive Impact Finance as well as offering an institutional dimension to the various social and societal commitments that it has honoured for several decades through its Foundation and through a variety of initiatives.