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A multi-business, multi-brand and multi-national banking group

Bank of Africa is a multi-business universal banking Group and one of Africa's leading financial institutions. Its wide range of business activities includes commercial banking, investment banking, bank-insurance and asset management. It also provides an extensive range of specialised financial services such as consumer credit, leasing and factoring, among others.

Bank of Africa is Morocco's most internationally-oriented banking Group. With operations in 31 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America, the Group employs more than 15 200 employees. Its 1,700 branches serve 6.6 million customers. In 2013, the Bank was the first Moroccan non-sovereign issuer on the international debt securities market.

Bank of Africa is a leading player in environmental matters and corporate social responsibility. The Group, which is ISO 14001-certifed, has developed a variety of innovative sustainable finance products in partnership with major international financial institutions. In 2016, Bank of Africa was the first Moroccan company to issue 'green bonds' by public offering to finance domestic and international eco-responsible environmental projects. Bank of Africa Foundation's programme promotes education and community-based development in rural areas in Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa.

The Group is continuing to expand its footprint in Africa. In 2015, it launched the African Entrepreneurship Award, an award with high economic and social impact in Africa.

Key figures

A multi-business, multi-brand and multi-national banking group

295.5 B MAD

Total assets

EUR 27 B - USD 31 B

193 B MAD

Customer deposits

EUR 18 B - USD 20 B

179 B MAD

Customer loans

EUR 16 B - USD 19 B

13.2 B MAD

Net banking income

EUR 1.2 B - USD 1.4 B

1.8 B MAD

Net income attributable to shareholders of the parent company

EUR 167 M - USD 191 M

18.4 B MAD

Shareholders' equity attributable to shareholders of the parent company

EUR 1.7 B - USD 1.9 B

Data source : Bank of Africa – BMCE Group 2018 results