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Business lines

Three core activities underpin Bank of Africa's operations - domestic banking, international banking and Group finance and operations

A customer-centric regional organisational structure

Bank of Africa Morocco's regionalisation programme aims to bring its customers closer to the Bank's decision-making centres. The eight Regional Divisions were drawn up along the lines of the map of the Kingdom's eight new administrative regions.

The Regional Divisions are now common to both the Personal & Professional Banking and Corporate Banking businesses. They enjoy a large degree of autonomy and their responsibilities include managing all aspects of the region in question (commercial performance, risk management, profitability, etc.). The Commitments, Legal and Permanent Control functions have been deconcentrated. The Steering, Facilitation and Support Coordination functions have been decentralised. Head office business units provide support to Regional Divisions in defining practices and standards, providing expertise and establishing appraisal, monitoring and control systems.


A bank for everyone 

Corporate Banking. Genuine sales clout. SMEs and Large Enterprises benefit from dedicated transversal functions which satisfy customers' needs in terms of investment finance, structured finance, real estate development and tourism-related projects.

Professional Banking. At the heart of retail banking strategy. The Bank attracted more than 300,000 new customers in 2016. An SME development strategy is in place to raise the Bank's visibility in this high-growth customer segment.   

Personal Banking. The Bank is focusing on developing the Young Persons market segment by launching a number of new products. Specialist marketing skills pooled by market segment - personal banking, professional banking, private banking and migrant banking.

Investment Banking. Serving institutional customers, high net worth clients and the Group itself. Its integrated business lines promote synergies in generating value for customers. Businesses include asset management, wealth management, securities brokerage, financial market operations and corporate finance advisory. 

Digital Banking. New customer channels have been introduced for personal as well as professional banking customers. Agence Directe ( now fully operational and aims to win market share in the Migrant Banking segment in those countries in which the Bank of Africa does not have a network. 
Our subsidiaries' business lines 

- Leasing 

- Consumer credit

- Factoring

- Debt collection

- Credit Insurance

- Participatory Bank


International Banking

Bank of Africa – BMCE Group was the first Moroccan bank to establish operations in Africa, Europe and Asia.

- 1st bank to establish international operations (Paris – 1972)
- 1st Moroccan bank in sub-Saharan Africa (Mali - 1989)
- 1st Moroccan bank in East Africa and Southern Africa
- 1st Moroccan bank to be listed on the London and Luxembourg Stock Exchanges
- 1st Moroccan bank to open a representative office in China (2000)

The Group has operations in Africa via the following institutions: 
- Bank of Africa (BOA)
- Development Bank of Mali (BDM)
- LCB Bank

The Group's European operations comprise BMCE International Holding Plc (with its subsidiaries based in London, Madrid and Paris) and BMCE EuroServices (money transfer).

Bank of Africa Of Africa Shanghai and the representative office in Canada complete the Group's portfolio of international operations.

Regardless of whether they are in Europe, Asia or North America, each of these international ventures adds value to the Group's domestic and African businesses.