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African Entrepreneurship Award

A pioneer in promoting entrepreneurship

The African Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) is testimony to the importance placed by Bank of Africa (AEA) on Africa's economic development.

Launched in November 2014 at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakesh, this Award offers annual prize money of USD 1 million. It aims to reward Africa’s best entrepreneurship projects which have a lasting and sustainable social impact in the fields of education, the environment, innovation and unchartered areas.  

The AEA, in its first three years, has attracted more than 17,000 entrepreneurs from 142 countries, including all 54 African countries. More than 500 partner-mentors, who are academics, incubators, business angels and investors, have guided the young entrepreneurs and helped them to realise their projects and ideas. 

The Award-winners pursue a customised mentoring programme designed to help them plan, launch and grow their businesses. 

In 2018, the AEA programme will focus on two categories, Innovation and Sports Entrepreneurship.